Game Summary - Pelham 1 @ Padres - Team 3 FINAL

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 @ 6:00pm
Chippawa Park, Ball Diamond
Pelham 1
Pelham 1 11
Padres - Team 3 15

Padres Invade Chippawa Park

Updated Wednesday July 3, 2013 by Bill Bouck.

2-5-1-3-4. What would that mean to you? Nothing? Well, to the Welland Padres it was the runs scored in each inning last night!

This barrage of offense accounted for the Padres scoring 15 Runs, to defeat Pelham 1 by a score of 15-11. In an interview with Coach Will after the game he says: "The Kids are hitting great! So good to see EVERYONE in the lineup making consistent contact with the ball. Improving every game, we're very proud of them." Coach Will's comments are backed up by looking at the Scorebook, and seeing 10 of the Padres players provided KEY plays during their time at bat. From Stand-up Doubles, to infield singles, to Sacrifice Hits players were moved into scoring position consistently. After the game I overheard Coach Bill say to the kids: "Well done today! We saw everyone making contact with the ball. Most important part is everyone one of you is playing better than we were at the beginning of the season."

DEFENSIVELY the Padres were strong, and they had to be. Pelham continued to hit the ball well, but the Padres stopped them producing 14 out of 18 outs. Again, huge team effort by everyone whether it was Catching a Fly Ball, or blocking the ball on the ground all the players were key out there. Coach Andy says: "The kids are doing well, all looking at making the right plays in the field."


Next Up: Welland Blue Jays – Thursday July 4, 2013

Padres Record this year: 4-0-1

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