Game Summary - Pelham 1 @ Padres - Team 3 FINAL

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 @ 6:00pm
Chippawa Park, Ball Diamond
Pelham 1
Pelham 1 19
Padres - Team 3 15

What Ends at 12...Starts again

Updated Wednesday July 31, 2013 by Bill Bouck.

July 30, @ Chippawa! The Padres streak of 12 Wins in a row ended with a 19-15 loss to Pelham 1. Tonight a the diamond, Pelham can out strong & beat us with their bats!

                          Here’s some detail inning by inning.

                          INNING 1: Pelham came out strong with a Double and a Triple to start with 5 Quick runs on us. We battled back scoring 4 runs in our half of the inning. Pelham 5, Padres 4

                          INNING 2: Another strong effort by Pelham scored them 5 runs again. We showed our determination here Padres! Scoring 6 Runs in this half of the inning to come back and tie the game Pelham 10, Padres 10

                          INNING 3: We were able to slow Pelham down a bit in the field here. Over the inning, they scored 4 runs before we got our 3rd out. Batting this inning unfortunately we weren't able to turn over on the ball. Pelham ended our inning 3-up, 3-down. Pelham 14, Padres 10

INNING 4: Pelham continued to hit the ball hard on us. They came back and scored 5 runs this inning. Padres, we fought back here at bat. We came out and scored 5 runs this inning again, to bring us within 4 runs. Pelham 19, Padres 15

That brought the game to an end, as we hit 90 minutes of playing time. Final Score: Pelham 19, Padres 15.

We hit the ball hard Padres! The difference in the game between a tie or a win came down to one inning where we were unable to score any runs. Other than that we had 15 runs in the other 3 innings.

Pelham hit the ball throughout the field, and from what I hear many hits into the outfield on us, as well as strong hard hits in the infield. We had a bit of a struggle controlling the ball in the field this game. We know this is an opportunity for us & we are doing well overall with it this year!

STRENGTHS TONIGHT: 1) We fought, you guys showed determination, and went to keep on battling back every inning. 2) Our first double play of the year came this game. 3)Pelham didn’t strike out often, the outs we got we made through smart plays in the field!

Well done kids! Our next game is against the Blue Jays on Thursday, August 8th. We’ve played a lot of baseball in the past 2 weeks (7 Games). We have a little over a week before our next game now, so a few good practices, and we’ll come back to continue our season strong.


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